Workshop 3B | MRAC 2018-2019
Faculty: Johannes Braumann 
Faculty assistants: Kunaljit Chadha | Amir Bastan 
Project by: Ardeshir Talaei |  Hazal Yilmaz

Autonomous Scanning

In a non-standard process, each piece is unique. So first we need to know our material to extract data from it. Therefore we need to scan every piece of material. But for the industry, we will be dealing with a huge amount of material. So we need this system to be autonomous and reliable. Beside of that, the manual process is out of the question due to the scale. 

To demonstrate this process we set up a system to implement this idea over an example of scrap woods.  In our case, we deal with different shape of waste material. We extract the information into a database by autonomous scanning. Using a robotic arm to find the scrap and extract the data through remote sensing saving into a database and sorting the physical material through pick and place process.