The goal of my project is creating a wearable device which could help the user feeling gaze from people around him. (About 20m-radius).Once there is an unusual gaze on the user, the device could give a feedback to the user and show the direction where the gaze coming from. After several times of repeat, the user’s brain would build a reflection between gaze and feedback, which means a new sense of the user.

The idea come from several unhappy story of my friends. One of my friend was robbed on his way back home. Two men came from his back and rapped his wallet. During Winter holiday, two of my friends come to visit me from Italy. They were also robbed when they stay here. Then I realize there are lot of threaten in the city and any one could be a target.

Reference research about crime detection based on computer vision.


The body study show the most stable part during walking is shoulder

3D design:

Special Design for Camera:

Prototype Development:

Technical Test:

Eye tracking only work on short distance and has lots of limited, So next term I should try work on head pose recognize based on machine learning.

Even though the idea of my project come from bad experience. But it is actually help the user collect more information of environment. If we use it in different occasions it could help the user do more reasonable decisions.

Keen is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MastersĀ in Advanced Architecture in 2019 by:
Student: Kristine Kuprijanova
Faculty: Luis Fraguada, Elizabeth Bigger
Support: Cristian Rizzuti