What we were working on? We worked on a simple interface which would allow you to attend meetings remotely. Before we started with the execution process we had identified activities, which were important for any effective result of the meeting. These were following, talking or chatting, taking notes or writing and sketching, taking decisions, assigning tasks, cueing and recording the footage of the meeting which could be subsequently processed and sent to the attendees. What we came up with? We defined two versions of Meety interface, which would contain digital tools providing above mentioned actions. Simple version of Meety, named Meety Light, would have basic features such as talking/chatting, writing notes and talking/voice recording. This version would be suited for smart phones. Other version, with additional features such as video live stream, presentation, talking and voice recording and writing and sketching would be suited for tablets and laptops. What would be the next step? The next step would be further work on the prototype of the more advanced version of Meety. Fully working prototype should include interactive things such as active buttons, connection to the webcam in order to test the real video streaming and recording.