2     ASSIGNMENT 1 Repetition and Difference, conditionals. 1. Mouse movement, draw lines with 1 point as origin 2. if press mouse left , the lines will have another origin and create an angle between them. 3. The position of the cursor will make the lines change their original color   3 4       ASSIGNMENT 2 Raindrop, classes + array. 1. Class: raindrop 2. Array list: raindropCollection, to call as many elements as we want. 3. For loops   raindrop 1 raindrop 2 raindrop 3     ASSIGNMENT 1. A class to build the lines was created. 2.  For loop, was used in order to get a new line everytime a line reaches the bottom 3. Random values were used to define the stroke of every new line. 1.1 1.2 files: google drive