The rhino model is first simplified and stripped of any unnecessary detail. The model is then saved as an obj or object file to be imported into unity3d.


The site is located on google earth. A screenshot of the aerial view is saved to be imported into unity. The image is opened in photoshop in a canvas of (512 X 512) pixels and 72 pixels/inch. The contrast and brightness is adjusted to display the elevations better. The image is then saved as a .RAW file.


A new project is opened in unity3d. A terrain is created by game>create other>terrain. Under terrain options>heightmap the import raw option is selected. The terrain height is adjusted to match the height in google earth. The heightmap resolution is 1+512 which is the pixel dimension of the heightmap.


The heightmap is superficially altered by using the Smooth Height tool.


The terrain is given a base texture using the Paint Texture tool. A directional light is brought in by gameobject>create other>directional light to better understand the terrain.


A first person controller is introduced into the terrain by assets>import package>character controller. The controlled is positioned by dragging the arrows and the scale is adjusted. The controller must be placed above ground level.


Textures are subsequently added to the terrain to achieve the desired result. In this case Lavabrick is used to hightlight the built up areas.


The organisation of the prototypes are to be replicated. One portion of the site is selected to decrease the lag in the program.


The prototypes are given character by adding warm textures and the green element.


The prototypes are organised on the terrain.


The lava stacks are used to stage pyrotechnics downloaded from the Assets store.


The crucial terrain component trees are added using the Place Trees tool. The type and variation can be set in the settings panel. A wind settings under Terrain options are switched to add a touch of reality.


More effects gained from the Assets Store are used to dramatize the scene. Smoke is integrated into the environment.


Assets>import package>skyboxes is used to add the final dimension to the game. 6 shaders are clamped together to form the skybox. It is enabled by edit>render settings>skyboxes>material.


The game is tested out by selecting the play button. Minor adjustments are made to the Character Controller’s movement, i.e speed in 3 directions under Character Motor in the inspector tab. The game is finally made using the build option.