Shenzhen International Airport Assignment3 Team11 In Truss Analysis Assignment, we’ve analyzed the truss from Shenzhen International Airport by Fuksas Architects by it interesting aspect of functioning like a shell, but also with main arches through the structure. We analyzed three sections of the airport, which could represent it structure: An arch with a opening, an symmetrical arch and and an arch with a opening and and an increase of the height in the opening. Each of those arches were analyzed one time, and then modified two times. First, just increasing the number of trusts, and second modifying manually. In both the cases, the Utilization Graph Analysis, shows that in the middle part of the top chord is the area that occurs more compression, together with the inside part of the arch. The others are basically tension. If the from the subdivision is increased, instead of helping to make the structure more strong we can see that the additional height made the deformation to be bigger. This is show also in the Bending moment graph, where the additional numbers of truss are cutting more the structure And this show in the Bending. At the second modification, with the manual addition of elements on the arch on specific areas where it was most needed, it helped much more the structure, since the weight didn’t increased much more (seeing on the deformation graph) and it showed a better result on the utilization graph. The main differences between the three types of section is that the symmetrical one was better, presenting a more homogeneous change on the normal force and the bending moment, than the most asymmetrical ones.