Team members: Andreana Papantoniou, Carolina Libardi, Erina Filipovska The aim of this assignment was to create a foam model of our barrio using the CNC Milling machine. We first prepared a 2d rhino file of our barrio which had to be printed in the laser cutter at the scale of 1:5000 and on which we discussed and examined various issues concerning the 3d printing process and the way of union the different barrios (boarders, designing methods etc.). The file comprised the streets, the blocks and the buildings, all organized in one layer in order to be engraved. The boarders of the barrio were organized in a second layer determining the cutting lines. We created the 3d rhino file using the required information from the web and we organized the buildings in layers, according to the number of floors of each building, giving finally the corresponding height. We added the 3 cm base of the model and the 2 mm height sidewalks and we changed the scale into 1:2000. We converted the polysurfaces into meshes and union them all together. A barrio (Camp de l’ Arpa) that has not been previously allocated to any of the groups was added to ours a posteriori. Finally, the model was printed successfully in one piece. Because of the different height of the materials, we had to cut our piece through horizontally manually, in order to fit with the neighbor areas. The digital design process The fabrication process in CNC Milling machine & the final model