1-bring file to rhino a)Select the site of Torre Baro from google earth and save the image, keeping the pin and scale on the lower left bottom visible. 2-choose pt on google earth a) Bring the image into rhino by using the command picture frame and place the image in rhino. 3-bring img-pic frame a)Mark the point on the picture frame. 4-scale the img a) Draw a line over the scale, draw another line for 59m from the same start point. Scale with reference to the line. 5-put a pt on pin a) Use the command Earth Anchor Point to mark the latitude and longitude of the point and mark the point. 6-set one surface a) Put the tab SURFACE on grasshopper and Right click on the SURFACE tab and click SET ONE SURFACE, go to rhino and select the surface. 7-div surface n connect to srf a) Now in grasshopper, put POINT and a PANEL  and right click the panel and name it geo reference. b) Put the tab DIVIDE SURFACE  and connect it to the SURFACE  tab. 8-xyz to geo a) Add a value to U and V components of DIVIDE SURFACE by adding a PANEL and inserting a value into it. b) Go to GHowl and add the command XYZ TO GEO and connect XYZ to the POINT tab, GEO to the PANEL and P of  XYZ TO GEO to DIVIDE SURFACE. 9-connect to p n panel a) Put the GET ELEVATION tab on grasshopper. b) Connect GET ELEVATION to XYZ TO GEO  and add  a PANEL to GET ELEVATION. 10-stream contents a) Right click on the PANEL and click on STREAM CONTENTS  and save the file as a .*txt file. 11-setonefilepath a) Add a READ FILE tab b) Right click on the READ FILE tab and select SET ONE FILE PATH and choose the .*txt file saved before. 12- put move and connect ptop a) Add a UNIT Z tab. b) Connect the UNIT Z tab to the READ FILE. c) Add a MOVE tab and connect geometry to points and motion(T) to UNIT Z. d) Add the DELAUNAY MESH . 13-surface a) In the DELAUNAY’S MESH connect the points to the geometry(G) of MOVE and add the tab SURFACE FROM MESH, connect the count(U) to the panel added before. The terrain surface is created. 14- lower the mod to bring down a) The final model with site on the google earth terrain looks like this. The height had to be corrected in rhino file to place it exactly on the google earth terrain.