This exercise was about designing and fabricating a bench of plywood applying the waffle system and cutting the single elements with a laser cutter: design process: contour lines were defined and offsetted by the thickness of the later profiles to loft the inner and outer skin of the bench shape.

inner and outer skin of bench afetr lofting the contour lines

sections were made in x and y direction at varying density to have areas of higher and lower definition in model; finally thes sections were transformed into surfaces.

in order to create the notches to fit the profiles in y direction and those in y direction cylinders had to be generated in the intersecting points to trim the profiles.

trimmed and layouted ( rhino nest) profiles ready to be sent to the laser cutter

mounting process:

cutting of profiles; notches were designed with 2,5 mm while material had athickness of 3 mm; this required additional trimming with a cutter and caused

problems during the assembly as several pieces would not fit correctly.

images of details of the finished waffle model.

perspective views of the entire waffle model.