NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 1 When opening the presentation, 3d model of Warsaw Entrepreneurship Generator appears and animated camera shows it from different directions.  There are 2 main buttons: How does the system work? and Warsaw Centre. NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 12 After clicking on “How does the system works” more options appear. First one is a general system explanation divided by its structure and used materials. When clicking on structure,a map of Poland appears. It contains symbols described in the key. When clicking on the key explanation, the  corresponding symbol is highlighted on the map. NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 13 After clicking on the “system” and the “material”, the animated diagram of wall panels production from recycled plastic bottles appears. The steps and their descriptions are in real order. The cycle in the middle is rotating, suggesting the infinite cycle of the system. NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 14 After selecting “How does the system work?” and “modules connection” basic module and assisting modules appear. They are animated to show how they are plugged-in with each other. After this different module connection possibilities appear. NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 15 When selecting “How does the system work?” and “module structure”, one detailed module shows up. After a while it decomposes into its small parts and their description appears. NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 16 After clicking on “How does the system work” and “office space rental”, rental system is explained. First the client appears, then the module he rents, then furniture and partition walls he selects and finally the furnished module is shown. NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 17 After selecting “How does the system work” and “adaptable interior design”, a furnished module appears. After a while its partition walls and furniture change to create completely different space in a short time. NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 18 After selecting “How does the system work?” and “building  extension”, the process of addition of modules appears. First we can see a module with its roof, then the roof is raised and additional module is placed on the initial one. After it the roof comes back to its place. NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 19 When selecting  the second main button“Warsaw Center” and “building phases”, the initial phase shows up. In a while new modules are appearing till attaining maximum complex size. NEW INTERFACES, ASSIGNMENT 110 After selecting “Warsaw Centre” and “functional zones”, we have a choice of 4 zones to highlight. For example when clicking on “public function” all public function modules highlight and the information of each module function appears.