In this course, we were exposed to a number of new interface technologies that were once not obtainable due to costs and accessibility. This ranges from concepts of augmented reality, viewed through an external screen or “googles” that would add digital elements onto the real physical environment, all the way to a fully immersive virtual reality googles and environment. Various workflows were explored especially in ensuring the correct setup and inter-operability between the modelling software, to the game engine to the android app engine in order to realise a fully functioning application.

As a task, we were asked to propose our own application of the new interface technology. The project chosen was Hybritat. 


In this proposal we wanted to combine the AR technology with a scaled physical model to represent elements that would be difficult or impossible to model in the physical environment.




[20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_05 [20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_06

Experiments onto what is possible to augment in terms of scale, visibility and clarity were continuously conducted to refine the final product.



[20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_09 [20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_10 [20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_11 [20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_12 [20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_13

[20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_14 [20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_15 [20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_16 [20160601]_AR_Model_PM_JI_Submission3_Finals_Page_18 2b8532e1-c0de-45e9-bb8e-41fd863071ea

AR/VR – Augmented Reality Model – Hybritat is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2015-2016 of the Academic Program by:



Jonathan Irawan

Peter Geelmuyden Magnus


Luis Fraguada