Project Agenda:
Algae Escape project is an attempt to inject artificial green space in the framework of Poblenou district, Barcelona. The project is an open air pavilion which produces Spirulina as the CO2 collector as well as future food generator.

In order to achieve maximum use of the pavilion, algorithmic optimization deals with the following aspects:
1. Predefined dimensions – to optimize distances between voids (in order not to intersect)
2. Sunlight analysis – to maximize sunlight hours for pipe paths


Gene description:
The genomes fed to the Biomorpher engine are:
1. The sliders controlling the different characteristics of the magnetic field.
2. The geometric location of the three pipe pillars according to the openings of the structure.

The fitness values fed into the Biomorpher engine are:
1. The sunlight hour result from the Lady Bug plugin.
2. Values regarding to non intersection of the three vertical pipe columns.

Catalog of the Results:

Best Generations:

Novelty Search Algorithm:

Final Pavilion:


ARTIFICIAL EVOLUTIONARY DESIGN: ALGAE ESCAPE is a project of IAAC, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed as part of the Computational Design course at the Master in Advanced Architecture program in 2017/18 by

Students: Baran Mostafa Tehrani, Mohor Bose, Ardeshir Talaei, Gabriele Liuda Jureviciute
Tutors: Rodrigo Aguirre, Aldo Sollazo