The architecture in recent decades has been more immersed in the world of mass production and consumerism , this has turned a questioning as the design is concerned , because we have to produce more to design more effectively in time and quality, but is that really what is solving all sociological , environmental and urban problems ?

I think not , technology has evolved to such that and winged machines perform almost 90 % of our work and we have laid in design and process spaces that are functional to their respective activities and aesthetically look good , I’m not saying so that all may have seen a boom in good companies that have optimized architecture a good job in terms of space , quality, material handling and integrated with the design environment and at the same time with fast production , that is a good start , but I ‘m beyond that , not only create smart buildings that look good , is to begin to create an architecture beyond human needs , is that space in which the user can feel and develop their senses maximum , where the atmosphere is the channel for the welfare and harmony of individuals that attend and the same environment, where architecture starts to be a product of the environment and not an invasion of this . I think one of the biggest problems is the educational attainment of architects and engineers, which in most universities require that besides being aesthetically pleasing must be as functionally possible in terms of space , money and production time without giving more emphasis and architects can create space , buildings , urban interventions beyond that challenge, create a design challenge where absolutely everything is building up the solution to the problems that this environment then suffer . I also believe that we have such a wide range of materials , but a building with a friendly material to the environment , does the building is friendly , the building becomes friendly when every space is designed so that is a solution to problems that are affecting it and that use of the material in that space is one of the solutions in game design. On the other hand I think the same investors sometimes do not see that the fact a huge investment it long-term is not profitable, I think that is one of the biggest problems, find a building or nice space at an affordable cost but each goal has a price , good design investments are long-term investments which will not give an immediate answer but give you a sure answer . I think a lot of us depends developments improve the quality of life of living beings on our planet and we have to get out of this idea that takes thousands of years and start doing experiments to high risks in search of higher quality design .