A new software was introduced in the class named as Arduino to connect circuits and other system with the kit developed by massimo from Italy and David from United States who developed this amazing small board named as “Arduino Uno” which helps in developin many small circuits which eventually can be multiplied by using many of the similar components. Lately the circuit for reading live Temperature and humidity data was made. This Circuit was developed during the assignment as the reading of live temperature and humidity was required in the studio as our topic was crystallization where a temperature data recording was required were it shows at what precise temperature the evaporation starts turning into the crystals.


Assignment : 1 – Mosfet

  1. This exercise was just of developing skills of how this arduino board works in simple concetion of small circuit.
  2. Here, the task was to run a DC motor using an external controller – Mosfet
  3. In the Below Figure is how one can setup a circuit to run a dc motor with an external power source.
  4. Also tweaking the examples a bit will help creating the circuit for the Mosfet as the data Recorder.

mosfet with photocell and motor_bb

Assignment : 2 – DHT22

  1. Here, in this exercise a code was developed to read the live temperature and humidity data.
  2. To do so DHT22 sensor was used to collect the data and record a graph from this sensor using arduino.
  3. In the Circuit to control the power passing from the computer to the arduino board was filtered using the resistor of the precise amount.
  4. which will stop the excess amount of the current passing through the board to the sensor.




Arduino+Mosfet+DHT22 is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2015/16 by:


  • Nisarg sheth
  • Viplav Goverdhan
  • Inthat Ueasak-aree
  • Tanuj Thomas
  • Jakub Havlik
  • Elena Janeva


  • Car Menez
  • Ramin Shambayati