archview AR is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 01 2019/20 by Ashfaq Ahmed Fazil under the elective “Mixed Realities”.The project focuses on creating an app that allows designers to visualize content in augmented reality as an attempt to create easier means of communicating designs to consumers and fabricators.

Application of archview AR

archview AR can be a platform for creating elevated experiences between designer and consumers.

It can help make communication easier on site as it allows for visualizing multiple aspects of the project like:

  • Placement on site
  • Phasing of the project
  • Details in design

Moreover the app can serve as a template for displaying and interacting with products from other fields like product design and industrial design

Functions of archview AR

  • Upload Architecture Models in the app
  • Place Models in AR and view using the phone camera
  • Lock movement of the Model within a detected plane
  • Scale and Rotate the Model using sliders
  • Toggle visibility of different layers in the Model