The goal of the seminar is to introduce current Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality offerings, exploring their fundamental capabilities in software development,  and as well, the requirements in hardware development.  The Development of the Application Includes use of Coding and other necessary Knowledge.

The Project is to Develop any kind of Interface through which user can Interact and Explore the technological advancement. The Platform we choose is Augmented Reality in Android.


Vuforia is Used to Track Object and Start Creating a Grid with the help of Base Target Image

We Used Base Grid to Create Blocks to achieve forms and also to have a feel of Lego in Virtual Environment.

User data is also Collected through the Camera to Understand the user behaviour which can be used to further development of the project.



AR Lego is a Project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2017/2018

Student: Hari Krishna Gundu, Takeru Osoegawa, Xu Jiang
Faculty: Starsky Lara
Course: New Interfaces- AR/VR