Solar desalination (Aquastellar) is a technique to desalinate water using solar energy. There are two basic methods of achieving desalination using this technique; direct and indirect.

Methods of solar distillation have been employed by humankind for thousands of years. From early Greek mariners to Persian alchemists, this basic technology has been utilized to produce both freshwater and medicinal distillates. Solar stills were in fact the first method used on a large scale to process contaminated water and convert it to a potable form.

In the direct method, a solar collector is coupled with a distilling mechanism and the process is carried out in one simple cycle. Water production by direct method solar distillation is proportional to the area of the solar surface and incidence angle and has an average estimated value of 4-5L/m2/day. Direct method distillation tends to favour plants with production capacities less than 200m3/day.

By using this phenomenon, Aqua-stellar is located in (El Poblenou) coastline of Barcelona. Using higher solar radiation, we can draw fresh water – for irrigation (creating social farming, organic farming) also the by-product brine (12% Salinity) will be used for Thermal baths –where you can bathe, socialize in the warm, natural mineral-rich waters designed to ease the body and soothe the mind.23145678910



STUDENTS: Daniele Fiore, Nithin Bhargav Ramesh, Kaushik Raghuraman, Mithun Basil Parakandathil, Shalini Brahma
TUTORS: Javier Peña, Jonathan Minchin, Oriol Carrasco, Philip Serif