The main task of this exercise is to create a dynamic animation of a selected pavilion. The purpose of the animation is to visualize the form finding process through a series of sequences underlining its design logic and performance. Camera control movement and data visualization should be included into the animation as a numerical description of any change generated.

For the exercise I chose the Licoln Park Zoo South Pavilion designed by Studio Gang in Chicago (Illinois) and try to follow a pseudocoude to design all the processes of the different complexities of the pavilion.

The pseudo code is based in these different steps:

  1. Creation of an arc in a XZ plane
  2. Lofting the line in the Z direction
  3. Creation of a net onto the created surface
  4. Piping the net surface and adding a colour swatch
  5. Divide the domain to apply in the U and V directions a created geometry
  6. Create a box morph and selected the number of geometries until the total adaptation

For generating all the steps of the movement of the camera and the developing of all the steps of the animation we used the command “Set camera” and we created a particular code with a total number of 1125 frame where all the different process of design and animation where collected. Here I will attach all the different grasshopper processes that I collected and the different steps of the animation:

  1. The first and second step where we can fin the first and second animation.

2. From the third to the fifth step and animation.

3. From the sixth to the final step of the animation.

Moreover I will add the different movements of the camera and the different sets of camera.

After all the different steps followed in the designing and creation of the animation, I edited this final video where I collected all the data. and created a render.

Curvaleceious Pavilion is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture MAA1 in 2018-2019by:
Student: Jose Isidro Pastor Tormo
Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre