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Valenje Car Park Facade System




Velenje was designed as a garden city and as such, it had a lot of unoccupied ground-level surfaces. With the increase in the number of vehicles, these surfaces began to turn into car parks. Despite the fact that Velenje’s center is a pedestrian zone, a large – possibly too large – portion of the exterior ground surface is designated for stationary traffic, which crucially affects the quality of open-air habitation. With the envisioned increase in the number of users of the city center, the parking required stands to become an even bigger problem. For a successful revitalization, solutions need to be found which will increase the number of available parking spaces while reducing the surface area occupied by them at present.




orginal facade

Facade system


Like many others in the center of the town, the car park in front of the community health center was intended to expand to the surrounding green surfaces due to insufficient capacity. Instead of enlarging the floor area, we chose to partially dig in and cover the car park, doubling the capacity in a simple way. As other projects in the area have shown, the abundance of space in the city made the users reluctant to adopt multi-level parking. Accordingly, the new car park is not designed as a classical parking garage but features a double entrance leading to two car parks laid on top of each other. This makes for highly rational use of the space, as there is no surface lost to circling around the structure, with the building also being naturally ventilated.



psudocode respresentation 1

stage 1

 Stage 1

Creating points in random series.
Offest points in a random direction.
Connecting the points using curves
Creating plane using loft



psudocode representation 2

stage 2




Stage 2

Offset the below nad above points in the above direction






psudocode stage 3

stage 3





Stage 3

Using the random series creating a difference between the above and below points.
Creating a texture in the loft surface using the lunch box.





Grasshopper script



grasshopper script






render image





The work of this project was developed in Computational design 1, an introductory  studio in the Masters of Advanced Architecture at IAAC in 2020

Studio Tutor- Rodrigo Aguirre @paisarq

Faculty Assistant –  Ivan Marchuk @marchukis19 

Student Assistant – Abhishek Sharma @yesabs