IN 20 STEPS / a kinetic installation

In 20 Steps is a tribute to the human desire to be able to fly, despite the force of gravity and the poetry of persistence in the face of adversity. Studio Drift is intrigued by the continuous attempts of humankind to deal with its limitations, so miraculously opposed to nature as these ventures might be. Humankind has always had the desire to fully understand nature and to detach itself from earthly ties. No matter how far science has come, some things are likely to remain forever out of reach.In 20 Steps is a spatial kinetic installation, constructed of 20 delicate glass wings that represent all the different steps of flying in an abstract way. At the same time, the piece captures flight in a single moment. The glass emphasizes the fragility of the movement and of nature itself. The moving glass breaks the natural light in the space and reflects it in moving rays.

In 20 Steps, by Studio Drift.


Assignment_ Create a dynamic animation of a selected pavilion. The kinetic installation’s form finding process is highlighted by evolving steps, as well as the different shapes the installation takes on while animated by the motors.


Form Finding Steps



Animated Systems_ In 20 Steps is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2018/2019 by:
Students: Yara Tayoun
Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre and David Andres Leon
Student Assistant: Daniil Koshelyuk