Drift by Snarkitecture

Drift pavilion is made of inflated vinyl tubes bundled together. The cylinders are arrayed vertically and lifted to create spaces below.

The main criteria of this design were to create a script that provides user flexibility in exploring different design options. It allows to pick a footprint of the pavilion and aperture geometry and creates a grid of vertical tubes, that are then lifted by an attractor.


Pseudo Code


Code Development




The developed script gives a user the freedom to explore how the array of tubes would behave in different footprint areas. The user can also set up custom apertures and define their location. On top of that, a geometry of elevation can be defined by an attractor that can be modified as well.



The video showcases the development of the pavilion, starting from a simple grid and ending as a complex geometry assembled from tubes.


Animated Systems DRIFT Pavilion by Snarkitects is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed for Computational Design, at Master in Advanced Architecture MAA01, in 2019 by: Student: DUSAN SAVICEVIC Faculty: TUTORS: RODRIGO AGUIRRE, MOHAMAD ELATAB ASSISTANTS: IVAN MARCHUK, OANA TAUT