Imagine to have 1 chair that works like 4. Now, you don’t have to imagine anymore.


ANIMALITOS, meaning small animals, is a easy-assembly kids’ chair that allows for multiple uses based on simple rotations that can create 4 different use scenarios, which meanwhile taking the shape of various animals. Additionally, the light-weight material makes it so easy, safe and playful for children to flip and rotate it as anyway they like that they will most likely to discover hundreds of different ways of engaging with ANIMALITOS! With the easy assembly design of ANIMALITOS, it is handy to scale it up to a seating that accommodates two kids, a bench or even a hammock as more units are attached together.


Why do you need ANIMALITOS?  

Have we noticed that kids never play with toys in a single way? That is because they have a free mind, and so should their toys!

With the freedom of rearranging the chair elements, we spice up children’s urge to explore and learn through hands-on experience that cultivates sensibilities. The interpretation of the animals differs according to the imaginations, and so does the use of the chair. Is it a crane, a fox or a squirrel? Do we sit like this or lean that? There is never a single answer to the questions raised by the curious minds. We realize how important it is to maintain our children’s capacity to imagine, so we aim to encourage them to develop openness of thinking that spawns imagination and curiosity, which leads to self-motivation and self-learning throughout the life.


What comes in an ANIMALITOS?

ANIMALITOS is made of 5 units of animal-shaped foams, in which the front and back units are velcro-embedded and detachable from the centerpiece put together by three units, and 6 eye-shaped foams also embedded with velcro. The detachable  foam is a stand-alone playful toy that can be stuck to a wall with velcros, and on the other hand can be attached together to form a playful chair or bench. This way function follows fun!

How does it work?

By rotating the chair, the image of the creature changes, but more importantly, the character of the seating does too. In one scenario, the chair can accommodate 2 kids, in the following it becomes a comfortable seating to read or draw, in another it becomes a cozy couch-like object and in another a hammock for a sweet afternoon nap.


How is it produced?  

The chair is made from high-density foam manufactured using a CNC-milling machine. The Foam is lightweight and safe for children; in case if children fall over or onto it, it will not cause any harm. The material is also strong due to the high density property.

High-density foam is CNC milled into individual pieces to be attached with one another

What do you get by backing up ANIMALITOS?

Who are we?  

We are creators from an advanced design institute based in Barcelona. As designers, we are accustomed to observing, understanding, researching problems, and then finding solutions. This is why we find it compelling and urging to create ANIMALITOS for our children as a inspirational companion.

With your help, ANIMALITOS may become the solution for a smarter and educational furniture, which will help our children develop imagination, creativity and curiosity. A canvas that allows children to experiment and use functionally – A multipurpose piece where function follows fun.” It is not merely our belief, but our actions. Please join us as a part of the effort for children’s education by backing us up and enabling us to realize this for our children.