Analysis of Environmental Performance

The main aim of this proejct was to analyse key building performance simulation areas that are relevant to an urban and building scale and to demonstrate competence in  using the software, as well as understanding and interpretation of the results.  The secondary aim of the project is to use information obtained from the above analysis, in order to propose more informed solutions for specific performance problems related to the environment.

A building in a public plaza in San Francisco was proposed. The climate and shadow maps of the proposed building and the surrounding buildings throughout the year, were studied. Using Diva, Radiation maps were generated and the amount of solar incidence was calculated, both on the roof and the louvres. This helped in calculating the number of PV Panels that can be used and the energy generated with this.

Using the Galapagos, Solution finder on Grasshopper, the optimum angle for the pivot of the louvres on the facade was derived. Each of these louvres had PV panels embedded withing them.  323334   31

Analysis of Environmental Performance is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2015-2016 by:

Students: Viplav Goverdhan

Faculty: Spyros Stavoravdis