The project consists of an intervention at a block of the former industrial 22@ neighborhood where IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya) is located, in order to transform it in a self-sufficient block. The new building created includes different kinds of uses, such as student residences, offices, café-restaurants, IAAC auditorium and studios and science museum, but the most important ones are the algae laboratory and algae farm. Basic element of the project, that leads to its self-sufficiency is the algae and its cultivation, that consists a powerful source of energy, an effective water cleaning system and captures great amounts of CO2 (essential for its growth), emitting at the same time O2. The algae is cultivated in photobioreactors hanged from the steel structure that climbs to the roofs of the neighbor buildings, forming in that way a filter between the interior and the exterior space creating neighbor spaces with different conditions. Finally, principal circulation of the building are ramps and bicycle lines that follow the facades of the atrium and that lead up to the rooftop public space and the green roofs of a neighbor existing buildings.