ALEJANDRO TAMAYO lecturing at IAAC Alejandro Tamayo at the IaaC Lecture “Technology: between magic and everyday life

29th of April // 19:30 // IAAC Auditorium // C/Pujades 102 BARCELONA

Alejandro Tamayo is an artist, researcher and teacher working in the intersections between artistic practice, science, technology and everyday life. He has been a tutor at Medialab Prado interactivos? workshops including Technologies of Laughter (Mexico) and Neighborhood Science (Madrid) and has teaching for over eight years at various art and design schools in Colombia including the Art Department from Los Andes University and the School of Fine Arts from the National University. He has been a guest speaker in various venues including Pixelache University-Reinventing the Teaching Situation (Helsinki), CIANT gallery (Prague), and the International Image Festival (Colombia).