Problem Statment :

We have been given a task to design a modular wall system for 3-D printing with Powder based printing method. The wall should have a joining system so that it can be assembled.We designed a wall with the concept of maximizing the ventilation at the same time harvesting water.


PowerPoint Presentation

Concept :

The vertical cylindrical perforations forbid the water from entering the façade allowing water from its designated perforation only.The up cylindrical holes are meant for air penetration.The 2 differently tilted cylinders separate the air and water penetration designating windows for light and air and the later for water collection.PowerPoint PresentationDetail :

Two triangular components meet together to form a component which later on join to form a component of 4. the configuration follows through the whole façade narrowing down on the crown to one component. the special feature of the facade are the cylindrical perforations which separate the water and the air penetration.
this is achieved by separating the cylindrical alignment into 2 different angles, respectively for the water and the air. the air cylinders are aligned towards the upward face and the water cylinders are aligned towards the downward face.Tthe components are assembled together in a simple male-female joinery on the lateral side as well as the vertical face to strengthen the facade.PowerPoint Presentation

 Front View of the Wall.


Tutor : Alexandre Dubor                                                                                                                                                                                      Djordje Stanojevic.