Airbnb on a platform that allows people-to-people connection by renting rooms, It is a tool that also facilitates the entry of money to people who have extra rooms and at the same time allows to have an important information platform to understand the dynamics of the city.
The Airbnb data is open to all cities and with it you can get several layers of information. For example the flows of people staying in a specific neighborhood, the number of times a room is rented, the conditions of that accommodation: number of beds, type of room (entire homes/ apartments, private or shared rooms) and other specifications.
The Airbnb guests also may leave a review after their stay, and these can be used as an indicator of airbnb activity.
The minimum stay, price and number of reviews have been used to estimate the occupancy rate, the number of nights per year and the income per month for each listing.
With these data, a map was made in which it is indicated the price ranges of the rooms related to the locations in the city of Barcelona.
Analyzing this map, it can be seen that there is a significant number of users of this platform, going to the data, in 2017, 18.817 room rents were made in the city and its surroundings, which states that the information Airbnb provide is relevant to the city. It can also be seen that the most expensive places to rent are in the center of the city, where there are also the largest number of tourist places.
On the other hand, using Pycharm, a graph was obtained in which the most popular neighborhoods for Airbnb in Barcelona are shown differently and you can see more clearly the price comparison.