Ai in Genesis Food City

The rise of advanced technology can be employed to many industries. Not only the digital economy but it also expand to urban design and it becomes very useful tool to measure the impact of design intervention.

Genesis Food City is the project due to food security and the project need tool to manage the enormous food data and it’s very complex.

Methodology : How Ai in Genesis Food City works?

Parameter to show relationship that reflect to possibility of decision making

Decision making of crop type in each space requires many parameters and complexity. The more detail of algorithm will increase the accuracy of prediction.

This is example of genesis food intervention



Training Model

Image Classification

For the future work, Image Classification can bring to calculate the area by pixels for impact analysis

  • Develop algorithm for food recommendation to be more detailed of parameters
  • Train model for more crop type that can be more solutions for food genesis
  • develop the formula of calculation to be more precise of impact analysis to find the best result for Genesis Food City.


Ai in Genesis Food City is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at AI in urbanism course of Master in City and Technology program in 2019-2021 by:
Students: Pawitra Bureerak
Faculty: Angelos Chronis, Serjoscha Duering, Nariddh Khean’s.