The initial idea of the project was to bring the technology closer to people. Valldaura self-sufficient lab receives visitors mostly students and other guests from around the world therefore our attempt is to first influence them, who in turn would spread this message.  The wind chime is a wind turbine integrated into a structure that can be used daily.


The machine is made from simple materials like plywood and acrylic. It uses a simple gear mechanism to maximize the output. At nominal wind speeds it can produce around 3 to 4.5V per wind mill. At top speed  the production can reach upto 5V. The energy produced is stored in small battery included with the central rotor and can power LEDs for illumination at night. One of the interesting features is that the whole mechanism is simple visible to anyone through a transparent central rotor.


The catalog 

The design of the central rotor system and the shaft gives these windmills the possibility to become a structural element. This specific prototype has 5 windmills that forms a part of tensegrity structure forming a canopy which can be uses over dinner tables (outdoor) for lighting. Individual modules are easy to assemble and can be used by individuals and households for eg: in balconies, porticos or gardens. Due to their small size they are easy to handle, take less space and unlike any conventional windmills they can blend into their surroundings.

Balcony Barcelona

These wind mills can be integrated into various forms of tensegrity structures that can be used in a backyards or over plaza seating areas or vending shops.458-barcelona-cathedral In the future they could even be combined with small PV panels and used for street lighting to provide reliable lighting throughout the year.