aeroQSAIR aims to improve air quality and ameliorate the overall atmosphere in the underground environment, mainly focusing on the area of subways. This is achieved by the installation of aesthetically appealing, modular and fully automated moss systems in underground stations. aeroSQAIR is a greener and a much more aesthetic filtering option as compared to its competitors.



There is a great need for solutions to tackle air pollution in underground stations, as according to Zhang et al. only 14% of all subway stations worldwide currently meet the air quality standard set by the WHO. Some technical solutions already exist, such as screen door systems or high-tech filters, which can reduce the concentration of harmful particulate matter (PM) by about 15-16%.




 According to scientific studies, moss has the ability to reduce the concentration of different types of PM by approximately the same percentage, while at the same time providing a natural atmosphere. We are currently also investigating bacteria that digest pollutants and provide nutritional supplements to moss. This symbiosis can prevent over saturation of the moss and thus extend the life span of our panels.


For the installations different building materials are used. Bio receptive materials such as ceramics allow the moss to grow and help retain moisture. The panels are equipped with appropriate lighting, ventilation and a fully automated irrigation system, so that they function largely autonomously and require little maintenance. The modular design allows for easy installation and flexible replacement when required. The artistic form is designed with the aim of increasing the circulation of the wind entering the system by the trains entering the station. The temperature and humidity of the moss are continuously measured and monitored by an integrated sensor system to ensure perfect conditions for optimal accumulation of pollutants. The sensors also track and store the current air quality conditions in real time in our database and provide the necessary information to subway operators and potentially also to subway users in a visually appealing and easy to understand way.






aeroSQAIR is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and BUILDS developed in the MAA 2019/20 by

Students:  Bharath Lakshmesh, Harsh Vora, Esther Hummel, Patrick N Frank, Chloe Sachot, Nastia Martinet
Faculty: Chiara Farinea, Mohamad Elatab, Raquel Villodres
Teaching Assistant : Fiona Clara Louise Demeurs