IMG_83411 Propagation is a method for developing «Horticultural Clones» using two techniques:Grafting and Budding. This enforces better adaptation qualities, vegetation renewal and correct damaged specimens. While Shaping is altering the structures of trees for asthetics and function. This is acheived by manipulating the roots to adapt to a design. Combining Propagation and Shaping would increase crop yeild while controling the size and direction of the vegitation enclosed in a green house enviroment. The most compatible planting system for this combination is the Areoponic system. This is a process of growing plants in a mist environment without soil or an aggregate medium. Nutrient throughput :1.5ml/min Required amount of water to produce a kilogram of tomatoes: 20 liters of water The optimal pH: 5.8 and 6.3. Heating/Cooling: 68°F to 90°F (20°C – 32.3°C) 100 % access to the CO2 concentrations ranging from 450 ppm to 780 ppm