Dynamic | Elastic | Humanist | Expressionist | Fluid

Exchange | Heterogeneous | Limitless | with or without Context

Advanced architecture, the starting point to understand and define Advanced Thinking. In order to understand the emerging terminologies and tendencies when we talk about Architecture today, it is essential to explore the background of the movements of all relevant disciplines surrounding it, such as Philosophy, Sociology, Literature and Technology. Advanced thinking in the following discussion, therefore, are the thoughts that not only go in parallel but also supplement to the characteristics of Advanced Architecture.

“Movement in which the Advanced Thinking is involved”

“Science that understands user’s behave in an environment”

“ Reflections of studies or thoughts caused by an intervention”

“The tool that shapes the style of Architecture in a specific period”


MAA1 2016-2017 STUDENTS :
Salih Iqbal Nazer
Pranav Kashyap
Rizvi Riaz Sheik
Shallini Brahma
Victor Fernández
Ya Chieh Chang