The process began by defining a module in a primitive box. With the goal of creating a column, the module derived from drawing connections from the strong corner points of a cube and the symmetrical midpoints of the opposite line. The line work formed a structurally stable multifaceted triangulated module. The multiple points of connection allow for a three-dimensional propagation of the structure which could possibly turn into a holistic structure.

This applied system of rod bending uses a total of 3 different curves and two mirrored variations which makes the production time fast and efficient. The bending of a column base, comprised of 8 modules, takes 45 minutes and the assembly around 20 minutes, following a mirrored-symmetry based assembly technique.


Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya, IAAC.

Students: MAA 2018-2019 : Yigitalp Behram,Daria Ciobanu-Enescu,Ankita Alessandra Bob,Elif Karamustafa,Yara Tayoun,Olivia Camille Alvarez Littler
Faculty:Alexandre Dubor,Rodrigo Aguirre
Assistant:Nikoleta Mougkasi