ARGYLE BEAM __A D-Region Reinterpretation


Aim of this project is to develop a new layout for the classical structural elements used in the building process. it has been done using a robot arm to achieve complex shapes in the re-bars bending.

.The beam is the structural element assigned

.Standard RC beams are structural elements capable of withstanding load primarily by resisting bending

.Purpose of this reinterpretation is to convert the bending behave of a beam in a copressive-tensile behave

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya, IAAC.

Students: MAA 2018-2019 : Nicola, Pratik, Fouad, Yimeng.Wei, Doruk, Akshay
Faculty:Alexandre Dubor,Rodrigo Aguirre,Ricardo Mayor Luque
Assistant:Nikoleta Mougkasi