SO.19 – Elective Seminar
New Phriends* for Large Shells
Tutors: Stephanie Chaltiel, Djordje Stanojevic

We will consider “Phriends” in this seminar as the interaction of people and small sensitive robots working together while fabricating. During the term 3 seminar we will explore the fabrication of thin earthen shells through digital simulations and robotic interactions. Participants will be working in groups.

1. Shells with Veins
We will explore different recursive geometries supporting us in creating lines of forces of the structure. We will be using kernel scripting for Grasshopper and explore different ways of achieving mesh relaxation.
In addition we will explore in depth the potential of Rhino Vault to create our shells. We will be able to get some direct feedbacks from one of the creators of the softwares Matthias Rippman from Rok office Zurich. We will carry out those digital experiments always keeping in mind that the digital structures are meant to become natural materials shells.

2. Spraying gently on delicate structures
The structures we will be producing at Iaac will be about 1 m cube. Each group of 4 persons will create one unique shell of this size by the end of the term.We will use for the formworks cnc arches, flexible reeds and branches and pulled fabric. Natural soft matter, fibrous, viscous, in powder will be tested and sprayed onto the structure basis (veins + fabric) we will have 2 kind s of sprayers one for only soft material, and the other one able to spray fibrous soft matter. We will fine tune our movements and positions so to understand the right angles, pressure and distance to the support.

3. Feedback Loops
We will include sprayer, robot, and people, in construction shell in a feedback loop so that we can control the thickness variation of the shells. The idea is to use basic kangaroo simulations to detect where more or less material is needed and where we could have openings. We work on the feasibility and aesthetics of the morphologies and densities of openings in relation the shell geometry.

4. Record choreographies of actions and movements
We will be producing during this seminar a series of abstract videos yet scientifically aimed. Stressing the movements, actions, intensities, accidents of the robotic action associated with the human hands crafting some parts of the shells fabrication. We’ll be in constant interaction with members from CRATerre Unesco to explore in a realistic way those movements.