Advanced Nature in a Sustainable Environment Concept.

Advanced Nature in a Sustainable Environment Concept. Authors Daniel Giraldo/ Julian Sossa

To understand the city, we must first integrate 3 key concepts to explain their abilities; Mutapolis, urban thermodynamics and advanced environments, which show us the potentialities, form and infrastructure that have our civilization in order to achieve an intelligent city, from the social fields, economic and environmental, all these elements must always be connected to achieve a healthy balance within our environments.

Mutapolis, explains the city under the concepts of protection, adaptation and evolution, the man always has the need of obtaining protection by that seeks a Phisical environment that will give you that assurance, against a little friendly atmosphere with the user, the man is suited to this new environment and includes capabilities, evolves with the to create a new civilization that defines a new terrirorio. The following concept urban thermodynamics defines what our environments and their operations, the first element that we are our resources, this triggers a few production environments to sustain our usual processes, which we could call synergy, which supports our environments of consumed, here we are with the waste that we call entropy and triggers through recycling environments reach complete our food of urban power network. Finally we find advanced environments, which explain the three big environments in which rotate our ecosystems, natural environments, with which we can create and rebuild our city, which we call materialeza, following on from this are born artificial environments to give way to new ways of understanding the city, and as it undergoes a process of dematerialization of the infrastructure that is no longer needed thanks to the creeacion of the virtual environments that show us the capabilities of the hypermedia, resulting in a versatile being able to reinvent according to your needs.

All this is to understand that all the components of our city, they are buildings, infrastructure, economy, etc, are always changing, but we can define a cyclic line a loop methodology, to reintegrate always all our ideas back to the system, a city where there is the word waste, everything is integrated back to the chain, everything is raw material, resources and information. Everything must always be connected even in the more minimum detail and must be reinvented if alter the cycle.