Introduction: Reusability and Recyclability are crucial factors for the materials produced and consumed all over the world. Understanding and manipulating Material Behavior has given a potential dimension to this global issue. In this exercise, wax is chosen as medium which can be reused/ reformed again and again for its phase changing property. Plastic wastes are proposed to be recycled through a self generating process using the phase changing quality of wax. An effort is given to make it a least CO2 generating process. A new kind of material system emerges out of the interaction between the two materials. The new material system can be applied as wall tiles which will interact with the real time change in the environment in terms of light and temperature, and create a continually changing choreography in different time period throughout the day. The Animated Wall system then will introduce a feedback loop by generating energy, in interaction with its environment by its heat storage capacity. pdf link: Material diagram cover animated wall Material diagram_Animated Wall