// abstract

Green Noise aims to showcase the potential of computational design to develop an innovative architectural system in which design imitates the controlled random appearance of nature’s textures by using mathematical functions.

// pseudo_code

// process_diagrams – Noise (calculations)

2D diagram of how the noise works

// GH_python_component

points colored by noise values

// catalogue_v1 [Panels]

different iterations to transform panels with noise in Z-axis.

// CNC Panel Fabrication

We use a CNC milling machine to test the panel manufacturing process on any material that can be cut with computer numerical control machines; for rigid materials, we use these panels as molds to pour, in this case, concrete.

Concrete Panel

// catalogue_v2.0 [Column]

Transform geometry in multiple vectors

Transform Process_GIF

Section GIF – Perspective View

Section GIF – Top View

Section GIF – Perspective View

// images

Column – Render View (Zoom X10)

Column – Render 1:1 ratio

3D Printed Model [Column]

3D Printed Model [Column]


Advanced Computational Tools – PYTHON // “GREEN NOISE”  is a project of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2021/2022 by Students: Uri Lewis, Liang Mayuqui, Lekha Gajbhiye, Laukik Lad, Elena Petruzzi.

Faculty: Angel Muñoz