Advanced Architecture Cinema Concepts

Cinema has always been a collective embodiment of time, space and architecture. It is one edifice that becomes completely invisible once we are in it. We leave the darkened room with our head full of the spaces we have inhabited on screen rather than our physical location. As the concept of architecture has stepped into a new phase so has cinema. Both these streams are connected in a loop. Advanced architecture inspires individuals to go create new fiction and cinema in turn influences to create these fictitious dreams and gadgets into reality.

“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out”- Martin Scorsese


Definition 1

Cinema is the ‘vision’ of various possible scenarios of our future habitable environments and architecture is always the backbone transforming the imagination into perceptible narrative.

Definition 2

Cinema is the field where advanced architecture can explore utopias, different cultural and social realities.Where to find a clue of inspiration from it unconsciously

Definition 3

Cinema is the threshold between reality and imagination, that allows to habitate spaces and realities not existing yet and that may never exist. Field of exploration, area of provocation for the development of architecture without the constraints of reality

2.0 Timefield Categories

Spaceship | Time Machine

Cyborg | Artificial Intelligence

Tele-transporatation | Time Machine

Alternate Realities | Artificial Tools




Research Database and Categorization

We made our research with a  database of 5000 movies that we cleaned and reduced to the most influential ones, using the users scores and  the statistics of publication of the movies on all world theaters. For that we extracted the data provided by IMDB open databases that could be extracted with some scripts.  The final categorization of those movies could be seen in the boards under.


Theory for Advanced Architecture [TAK], CINEMA Timefield  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Developed at: MAA01 2017-2018 Master in Advanced Architecture,
Students: Deepankar Pahuja, Eduardo Chamorro Martin, Ipsita Datta, Nusrat Tabassum, Rafael Mas Carvalho, Takeru Osoegawa
Faculty :Manuel Gausa, Maite Bravo