This work aims to disseminate visually an architectural manifesto construing to the genre of advanced architecture. Using scientific and technological innovation to design the human habitat at all scales with user-orientated infrastructures “Advanced Architecture” looks to stay at the zeitgeist of society rather than the spectacle, to shape the future of architecture. The visualization demonstrates two digital logic concepts of Advanced Architecture; Line and Morphology.


Striving from the architects pursuit to capture movement in architectural typologies. The line logic here constitutes a linear association with motion, in particular,  manipulating old scientific discoveries in new ways. Demonstrated by the shaping of the Norman Foster designed; 3o St. Mary Axe, London.


A study of evolution of form, this logic describes the recursive processes which promote freedom of movement based on a set of mathematic principles, looking to natural processes for inspiration, to once again better merge with the constant flux/movement/use of the building/urban space in real time… Showcasing architectural projects the Dynamic Tower in Dubai and evolving urban gridwork by Zaha Hadid Architects.



Our selected musical composition narrates the visual piece (by; Penguin Cafe Orchestra) titled; ‘Perpetuum Mobile’, literally meaning; – “perpetual motion” attempts to merge the architectural notions together. Characterized by a steady stream of notes which are played repeatedly over an indefinite number of times. Lending to the philosophical theory of static and dynamic repetition in architecture approximating notions of architectural rhythm corresponding to the old ideal of architectural harmony with developments in science and technology time and time again.


Ricardo Devesa, Maite Bravo, Manuel Gausa


Robert Staples, Martin Hristov, Robert Chacon

This is a project for the IAAC  for the seminar of Advanced Architecture Concepts for the Masters of Advanced Architecture 2015/2016.