Dustyrelief / B-mu

by Francois roche


The dust dresses the city and her biotope, even going so far as to modify the climate. Within this fog of specs and particles, Bangkok becomes a melting pot of hypertrophic human activity with convulsing with exchanges of energy, where visibility becomes its greatest charm. At the antipodes of the canons of modern urbanism and its panoply of instruments lies, the city of Bangkok, ectoplasmic, super fluid to quote Kipnis.  She is conceived in between aleatory rhizomes where the arborescent growth is at the same time a factor of her transformation and her operational mode. The project for the future museum B-mu feeds off of the climatic opposition between the urban environment’s protuberant energy and the indoor subdued and subject to the museum conditioning procedures (white cube). We are talking here of two distinct geometric structures: one is Euclidean,  globalization increased, where cultural merchandises are circulated in an aseptic and deterritorialized universe, and the other typology, plunged in an intoxicating urban chaos.

B-mu by Francois Roche


“luminous, vaporous, pheromonal, hideous, shaded, transpiring, cottony, rugged, dirty, hazy, suffocating, hairy…”

Building attracts pollution rather than redistributing it. The proposed building is an art gallery, speaking to ways in which care for hyperobjects is now redefining the aesthetic. We can not solve pollution ourselves. It is a global problem we all face together. Inoder to have an affect on it we must create awareness and show people not only the ressults of pollution but the problem itself.

We divided our reasearch in to three main topics:

Map legend:

Displaying pollution:

Cousing Pollution:

Hiding pollution:

Final time field:

If we take a closer look to the the timefield: