A good video is the main ingredient for a successful kickstarter campaign, but in order to achieve your goal, a precise planning is required. How to [kick]start your project then? It is not as obvious as it seems, and there are a lot of ways to do it.

First of all, you need a project that is more then an idea. In our case, the project is the design and the construction of a temporary transportable shelter for refugees.

Main features are: a shape studied for being efficient in terms of space and performances.


Foldability and lightweight construction, in order to be easily transported

Folding strategy

Flexible and economical contruction system, based on reused materials

Construction system


Once you have a project you need a prototype, in order to convince backers (AKA, people who support your idea and and fund you) that you can actually realize your design.



The second main step is planning how to realize it. In order to ask for money, you need to know how much you actually need, and how. We listed out expenses and incomes, and strategies to follow in order to make it possible.


Business plan


Another important step to get funded, is defining the rewards, according to the amount of the donation. We have planned to give different typologies of rewards: From a paper model of a tent, following with the T-shirt with the logo, a 3D printed keyholder and for bigger donation the name on a tent. It is important to plan production and delivery of rewards, in order to be ready in case the campaign will be successfull.


This is the kickstarter rewards summary, with the combination of them according to the donation.

Rewards chart

After defining the kickstarter page, another important step is the promotion of the project, creating website, facebook page, instagram and twitter account. Most of the time Kickstarter itself is not enough to reach the goal of people backing. Presence on social networks requires constance and feeds.


Finally, our project has been published on kickstarter and it is still active. Feel free to back us and make this happens!



Adopt a tent is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MAA01, Kickstarting innovation Seminar in 2015/2016 by:
Students: Fulvio Brunetti, Maria-Klairi Chartsia, Mercedes Swiecicki, Naitik Shah
Faculty: Anna Plà Català