A façade is important because it is a chance to put the emphasis on design…. As well as façade also plays an important role in energy efficiency in linking the exterior building design to the interior living space.


 Camouflagers is a modular passive kinetic façade systems, based on the fundamental principle of phase change material, In which solid paraffin panels are heated and converted to liquid state and then condense back to solid state when cooled. The façade is made of numerous enclosed chambers, harness sun energy requiring no outside source of energy.

Research Question

How can a facade system help to reduce the building’s energy consumption while improving occupant comfort and adapting to the changing climatic conditions ?

State of art Projects
Wax Facade


This project by KieranTimberlake collaborated with the Center for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark, to expand our capacity for predicting how materials respond to environmental changes.

Material – Paraffin Wax

Melting Technique – Geometry of enclosure to capture more heat

                                   – Aluminium sheet heat chamber 

Sensor – Embedded in the enclosure to check the state of the material 

Observation – Camera to study the cycle

Enclosure Material – Acrylic

Paranel, A Thermo – Responsive Glazing System –

The project done at IAAC, Barcelona, help to understand the use of pcm as shading,insulation material and material respond to environmental changes.

Solar Sinter by Markus Kayser –

Solar-Powered 3D Printer Turns Desert Sand Into Glass Bowls and Sculptures. Solar Sinter is made up of seven stations: a photovoltaic panel, the focal point for drawing the sun’s rays, a sun tracker, fresnel lens (for magnifying the rays) The machine is able to turn a remote desert area into a high-tech production facility for high-end design.