Adaptive architecture was born as a result of a transitory and ephemeral society. Eternal buildings, temporary users…. Is the architecture on function of our social reality? The vision of architecture is compressed as an element that helps to elucidate the construction of the dwelling, a palpable vision that does not decide on the meaning of life and daily life.

Archizoom | No Stop City | 1970 – 1972

Since its origin, man has had a deep-rooted concept of freedom and the capacity to make decisions. Therefore, all types of architecture, and not only physical form, do not work with the human being who is in search of free activity. Human beings have the need to express their freedom and creative capacity, it is necessary for the user to turn to those who have the ability to make their dream sanctuary palpable,  ‘architects and designers’ . To a certain extent, architects take the role of a superior and godlike being capable of canalizing and shaping everything that is born from the user’s creative mind, under which the following questions arise: How does this affect the lives of those who will remain in that place? Is it possible to carry out everything that the user expects from an architectural work considering its dynamic character expressed in the action of choosing?

Ken Isaacs | Beach Matrix | 1967

This paper aims to investigate a type of architecture which can be capable of being guided under the concept of transformation, specifically in the capacity of an enclosure to receive change by means of mechanisms that allow the mobility of its parts and/or elements in order to optimize, reuse or reorganize a space. Directed under three reciprocal concepts: flexibility, diversity and variability.