IAAC_ActivePublicSpace_Automatic Drawing
Automated Drawing
The internet allows us to transfer large amounts of data across the globe in a matter of seconds. Each participator in this global network obtains a state of omnipresence, being able to be anywhere and nowhere at the same time. This drawing machine is able to capture events taking place anywhere in the world working as a seismograph weaving together data strings to physically manifest the pulse of the virtual space. In this case, the pens are dancing to the rhythm of social media, using something as simple as pen and paper to paint a picture of the current social scene. The machine is not a plotter limited to an orthogonal grid but is able to move freely across the paper, thus being allowed certain artistic freedom and ambiguity.
In this way, the pens become an artist on their own, physically limited by nothing else than a power source and the elastic borders around the drawing board.

IAAC_ActivePublicSpace_Automatic Drawing

Active Public Space – Automated Drawing is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2015/2016 by:
Students: Peter Geelmuyden Magnus
Faculty: Edouard Cabay, Rodrigo Aguirre