Human Life in a metropolitan city is extremely fast. In this rapid source of life we underestimate the scale in which time eats us out. Time acts as an important part in our life as we battle to survive in the rapid changes of the metropolitan life. In this rapid change commuting has become extremely impatient as everyone has to reach work on time as it effects their daily wages. When we combine impatience, time and commute, it only leads to to Accidents. Also this age is called the Accidental Age as Records have proven that cars have killed more individuals in the world than all the wars put together in the history of mankind. every 10 minutes a family loses a member due to rash driving or weak decisions.To record the frequency of these incidences in a city where pedestrianization is high was important as it can lead to the accounting of street traffic regulations. Barcelona as a city was chosen because of its influence on tourism and the mapping of individual deaths according to the age was taken into consideration.

the following steps were chosen.

take Data from an open source portal regarding death incidences

transfer the data to Grasshopper for Rhino

derive the representation through a pie chart which gave the age group of the maximum deaths in Barcelona

map the incidences throughout the city of Barcelona

The conclusion gave that the maximum deaths were recorded in the age group of 25 and the maximum deaths were in the area of eixample zone of Barcelona city. Traffic regulations should be observed well and should be kept under surveillance to reduce incidental deaths. No wonder, 25 is called an Accidental Age. Information of deaths have been obtained for people in all age group categories which start from 1 to 60.






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