The form is a transform of the Mobius loop. by offsetting it in two opposite directions we can get a closed, double layer Mobius loop. I choose this as the assignment project because it is really an interesting form: by walking along the surface you can cover every corner of the loop, both inside and outside.(This project is based on The content play Pavillion/DRS+FARMM)

Making Process:

Here are several steps of generation peocess:

1, build a normal Mobius loop with grasshopper.


2, offset it in two directions, and then we will get two Mobius loop which is almost closed with each other.

3,Then we need to modify the data structure and create a new curve with modified points. So that we can get the true closed and right ordered curves.


4, duplicate rotated XZ plan and intersect it with our curves. We can not use divide to create these point because there is a distance between inter and outside face. once we got the points we need, modify the data structure again to make sure it is right.connect those points in U direction so we can get the surface structure line of our Pavillion.


5, divide every single U curve into 6 and flip the data structure, connect with the boolean “0,1” and we got the first infrastructure.


6, divide the curves we just got and shift the points, connect them and then we got the center structure.

7, last step, give it a size.

Up to here the main process is finished. The issue of this project is data structure, since Double Layer Mobius loop is not that a simple line and it is easy to get you confused.

Here are several diferent angle images.


there are two rendings. Forgive me for the quality the time is so limited.


Here is the animation and via this you can get more close to the generation of  this Mobius Pavillion:

That is all, thank you. I hope you like it~

Mobius Pavillion is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Master in Advanced Architecture 02,in 2018-2019
Students: Yimeng Wei