Architects: Impromptu Projects
Location: Macau
Year: 2015
Assignment: The main task of this exercise is to create a dynamic animation of a selected pavilion. The purpose of the animation is to visualize the form finding process through a series of
sequences underlining its design logic and performance.

– my render of final result

Story:  This temporary bamboo structure attempts to address the enactment between the citizens and the urban landscape. It is our conviction, as designers and reflective practitioners that urban density does not mean living in a concrete and hard environment. We need to educate, sensitize and cultivate other forms of activating the realm of urbanity, as a way to suggest possible roles within the nature of public space.(

*- photo by Zizu(

-The most basic and functional aspect is to give shade in an outdoor environment;
-As a consequence of the previous reason, it creates the favorable conditions for anyone (local residents or tourists) who passes by the temporary structure to rest, catch their breath while strolling, and at the same time appreciate the surroundings;
-Promote the local bamboo craftsmanship with contemporary proposals that surpasses their usual practice, which is the scaffoldings in the construction sector;
-To serve as a meeting point and an unexpected mark in the urban arena.

*-photo by Chan Hin Lo (

*-scheme by Impromptu Projects, used as a reference for design and animation process.

*Step1 – Allocate points, create grid and array of lines.

*Step2 – Create circles, scale them using Graph mapper, create loft.

*Step3 – Intersect lines by lofts, Turn the lines into pipes, substract pipes with smaller radius.

*Step4 – Create box array of points, leave points inside the lofts, randomly decrease their amount.

*Step5 – Extract points for triangles, create triangular surfaces, combine “flags” with existing “bamboo” framework.

*-Grasshopper definition

Explaination: During the process of working on this model it was important for me not only to represent the model as close to original as possible, but also to understand the parametric principles defining the shape of pavilion. The script can be used to create pavilion of any configuration, using the same principles, while the sliders allow not only to alter the parameters, but also to animate the assembly process. The targeted camera was used to show the pavilion from different angles more precisely.

*-Final shape

*- Animation