A:  BOOKSHELF COLUMN The main idea deals with on how use books as an element for a structure and a bookshelf. And how the structure of books still have the specifications of a book – you should be able to read it. The design of a simple column is to open 4 books.  Place a book upon the books. And a new layer upon that… In that way, the vertical forces goes through the corners and down to the earth. You are only able to read the book, if we are using hardback books. We made to prototypes. The one to the left is made of hardbacks and is very solid and you are able to read the books. The prototype to left is made of soft backs and the whole construction is bending, and all books are not readable. The columns could be used for a vertical loads for a roof construction. B: JOINTS FOR DOME The connection between the book pages is really strong if you interlay them. Based in this property of the material (books) we realized that by connecting the book in their corners, we are able to create different surfaces. In this case we thought of a dome for the pavilion.