The phrase alternate reality often serves as a synonym for a parallel universe.

A euphemism for “psychedelic experience

_stack diagram

points in grasshopper to cubes in unity


-The main challenge with working in cross platform is to be able to develop the code in unity as we aren’t familiar with coding.

– Unity limited the number of the meshes exported from grasshopper to 1300 vertices.

-With just creating patterns on grasshopper with points , it can be transformed to whichever geometry with the help of unity ( c# script )


_future development

-The whole idea is to create an alternative reality based on the user’s experience.

-The future of the app looks towards a more connected interface where the experience is based on the user’s heart rate for which the data will be collected through a sensor.

-The bustling reality is thus created with the data as trigger point to kick start the growth algorithm.